Friday, December 11, 2009

Lincolnville Maine and Lincolnville Beach

Lincolnville MaineLincolnville, Maine is one of the many upscale harbor towns that comprise the Maine coastal areas. Lincolnville is just a short 6 mile drive north of the town of Camden directly on U.S. Route 1. With the enthralling mountains that stretch to the waters, Lincolnville attracts all kinds of folks, from CEO’s like Ethernet inventor and 3Com founder Bob Metcalfe to famous artists, boatbuilders, and writers. Linconville's surrounding hills and terrain are part of the Camden Hills State Park and some of the park's trails so popular to hikers run through Lincolnville, Maine too.

Lincolnville Maine Specialty ShopLincolnville started from the Canaan and Ducktrap Plantations in Waldo County. It was named after a general of the revolution, Enoch Lincoln. Lincolnville shares with Camden the Fernald’s Neck Preserve. Blessed with a forest cover that is dense and rich, Fernald’s Neck Preserve harbors small and large mammals and a wetland that is the natural habitat for blue flag iris, sedges, rose begonia, and pitcher plant. Like neighboring Camden Maine, Lincolnville also boasts of impressive mountain ranges and hills that give a view of the ocean.

Cannon on Lincolnvile BeachThere is a slew of outdoor activities you can do by land and sea. Lincolnville offers three large ponds that can be peaceful areas for relaxing as you swim or ride a canoe. You can also try out sea kayaking or swimming in the ocean at Lincolnville Beach. Lincolnville Beach sits right off of U.S. Route 1 and offers a small sandy strip of beach head for swimming in the Atlantic. The State of Maine operates a ferry from Lincolnville Beach to Islesboro, one of the more popular islands in Penobscot Bay. Across from the beach, there are a number of local specialty and craft shops that offer uniquely Maine products and gifts. There are also several restaurants nearby including the Lincolnville Lobster Pound and the Whale's Tooth Pub.

Lincolnville is famous for Andy’s English Ale, which is locally brewed at the Whale’s Tooth Pub. You can drink this local brew in summer or winter and you’ll definitely taste one of the best ales in New England. Lincolnville, Maine offers the tourist some interesting points of diversion with its verdant forests and quaint seaside location.

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