Friday, December 10, 2010

Maple Syrup Snow Cones – A traditional Canadian Winter Treat

An article about maple syrup on a vacation blog... Why not? I recently visited Quebec and had the opportunity to indulge in a local Canadian treat and tradition, maple syrup on snow. If you have spent some time in Quebec during the winter months, you know that snow, ice, and bitter temperatures are the norm. Winter carnivals are a wonderful source of diversion, and winter sports are commonplace when free time and the outdoors meet up. When the snow begins to melt and the days grow longer, other traditions that warm the spirit begin; one of those being “sugar on snow,” a beloved treat that features maple syrup.

Like our neighbors to the North, New Englanders make practice of visiting sugar houses in the spring to watch maple syrup production and taste the delicious treats that the famous trees are best known for inspiring. Many of the typical treats found at these open-house events include waffles covered in syrup, maple cream or maple butter on toast, and maple candy. One of the most treasured treats though, remains sugar on snow. A thickened hot maple syrup is poured over fresh snow and eaten with sticks. In many Canadian cities it is paired with dill pickles to contrast a sour taste with the sweetness of the syrup. Donuts, coffee and maple toffee is also frequently served with the sugar on snow treat.

If in search of a treat to satisfy your sweet tooth during the spring sap run, maple on snow could be the perfect find.