Thursday, March 4, 2010

Owls Head Maine

Owls Head, Maine boasts of a 20-feet tall lighthouse standing on a promontory that is 100 feet from sea level. The Owl’s Head Light in Owls Head, Maine may be modest, but to see it a top the cliffs is a view that is worthy of any painting. How this picturesque village got its name is quite sketchy. Some say that the rock jutting out from the waters in Owls Head, Maine looked similar to that of the head and neck of an owl. Others say that it came from “Mecadacut” which is a Native American word for Owls Head. Wherever this village got its name from, there is no doubt that Owls Head, Maine is a must-see for anyone wishing a complete Maine vacation experience.

Climb the steps toward the lighthouse for a grand view of Penobscot Bay. Watch out for the loud sound of the foghorn and imagine how this sound welcomed sailors braving storms and squalls. Owls Head, Maine has an old-fashioned charm that will win the hearts of those who would like a laidback vacation. However, for those who’d like more action, Owls Head, Maine also offers recreational activities like swimming and sailing. You can also rent a boat and fish. Windsurfing, biking, hiking, golf and tennis are also other activities you could pursue while you’re in Owls Head, Maine.