Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Barrett's Cove on Megunticook Lake in Camden, ME

camden me vacation barrett's coveIf you want to enjoy fresh water swimming in a pristine Maine lake with spectacular views of surrounding mountain cliffs minus the usual crowds in the summer, then Barrett’s Cove on Megunticook Lake is the perfect place. Barrett’s Cove Beach on Megunticook Lake is approximately three miles from downtown Camden Maine on Route 52 north towards Lincolnville Center. This town-owned lakeside beach gives you breathtaking views of the rock cliffs that rise from Megunticook Lake including the 800-foot Maiden's Cliff marked by a large white cross and the Camden Hills nearby.

camden me vacation barrett's cove cliffsBarrett's Cove Beach is free and parking is easy and accessible. The beach has a designated roped off swimming area and there is a diving float anchored a few hundred feet from the shore. There is also a large shallow swimming area for smaller children which allows them to play safely in the water. The beach has an adjacent grassy picnic area with grills and a playground with public restrooms which makes this an ideal spot for a family outing.

Besides swimming Barrett’s Cove provides a good location for putting in a canoe or kayak. Megunticook Lake provides plenty of sightseeing opportunities and exploration for boaters of all types. There is a nearby public boat access and launch for larger boats. If your family is feeling adventurous Barrett’s Cove in Camden, Maine also offers rock climbing facilities in this ideal cliff location.

Barrett’s Cove gives weary travelers a chance to rejuvenate with the family after a long hot summer's day of sightseeing and local attractions in Camden. Picnic tables, public restrooms, outdoor grills, and a quaint sandy fresh water beach make this a ideal and convenient spot for a family to spend a few hours as part of their Camden Maine vacation time.


  1. This is THE place to go swimming and have a cook out! I grew up in Camden and Rockland and there's no other place out there like Barrett's Cove. Grass, shade, sand, and fresh water, the perfect combo. We used to get there early and grab that one picnic table to the far right...We used to store all our drinks right in the little creak that comes down off the mountain, talk about cold! The really neat part is that you can look up to your right and usually see people climbing right up the face of the mountain. Aaahhhh, memories!
    -DM, Manchester, NH

  2. Sweet! This place is very nice for a spring vacation. The lake has some similarities with the lake in Mammoth. Condos are the usually place where me and my friends crash when out for a trip. We had just hit Mammoth, and I should suggest that this place be our next destination!