Sunday, December 13, 2009

Islesboro, Maine - Camden ME Vacation

Islesboro is a small island as well as an old-fashioned resort community that is located off of Lincolnville, Maine. A three-mile ferry ride from Lincolnville Beach, Islesboro is a quaint community of 600 which is one of the friendliest places in Maine. Access to this splendid island is mainly governed by the "Margaret Chase Smith," the Maine State island ferry that makes the three mile journey in about 30 minutes and runs daily from 8am to 4:30pm. However, locals warn that during the summer the ferry becomes congested and parking can be problematic. An alternative local water taxi service is also available but on an irregular basis. You will need to check the Lincolnville-to-Isleboro ferry schedule to confirm times and availability.

At about 13 miles in length and about one and a half miles across at its widest point, Islesboro has several parks - most notably Warren Island State Park - and picnic areas as well as a couple of general stores on the island. Islesboro's population grows three times during the summer. Visitors are in for a return to the old coastal life in Islesboro where there are only a few shops and dining options and accommodations are scarce. Islesboro is home to Dark Harbor House, an island bed and breakfast. It does not have telephones but the homey fireplaces are worth it. So, if you really want to get out of the intrusive modern world, you can head over to Islesboro for some quiet rest and relaxation that is truly well deserved.

While there are several harbors - notably Gilkey's and Dark Harbor - only the Warren Island State Park has public moorings. Boaters, however, can refuel at Dark Harbor or 700-Acre Island. Islesboro offers you some of the best sailing conditions in the United States. Cultural and musical shows abound during the summer to entertain the visitors. Because it is self-contained, Islesboro is a peaceful community where all the island residents are as friendly as you might expect in a small New England resort town. If you happen to visit Islesboro in the off-season, you can go over to the Mansion Schoolhouse or the gymnasium; there is always something to do in these centers of activity and you are guaranteed never to be bored.

Back before the 1930s, Islesboro, Maine lay untarnished by any modern automobile. Summer residents didn’t want to mar the natural beauty of the island and banned this modern contraption. However, after the 1930s, automobiles were allowed on the island for the convenience of its visitors and residents.

The coastline of Islesboro Maine is an area that is an explorer’s dream. Visit Ryder’s Cove and view the geological carvings of Turtlehead Point. The tranquility that Isleboro, Maine offers will give you the respite from the stressful lifestyle of modern life and will certainly leave you with a memorable experience from your vacation trip to Maine.

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