Friday, January 1, 2010

Maine Lighthouse Museum, Rockland, Maine

Maine culture would never be the same without lighthouses. Lighthouses served as beacons of hope for the wayward traveler. There was a time when the revolving lights served as a comfort for both the sailor and their families. They knew that the light could pierce the fog and guide their sailors home. Today, you can relive those moments as you visit the Maine Lighthouse Museum in the heart of the Midcoast in Rockland, Maine.

The Maine Lighthouse Museum contains the largest collection of lighthouse and lifesaving memorabilia. These artifacts remind the Maine Lighthouse Museum visitors of the heroism of the lighthouse keepers and the United States Coast Guard as they saved lives even in the most dangerous storms.

Visitors are treated to the largest collection of Fresnel lenses, working foghorns, search and rescue gear, boats, buoys, bells and ship models. All these are significant to the long history of the United States Coast Guard and Life Saving Services and pays tribute to their never-ending commitment to maritime safety. There is even an exhibit that educates the public about the role of female lighthouse keepers and the families of lighthouse keepers.

Immerse yourself in American maritime history in the Maine Lighthouse Museum. Visitors rave about the friendliness of the staff and volunteers who share with zest their knowledge and experiences to anyone who would listen. Some experienced firsthand this history as they have relations who played a part in the maritime history of the Midcoast.

Located at the waterfront in downtown Rockland, the Maine Lighthouse Museum is a tribute to all who have sacrificed their lives in providing safety amidst the uncertainties that the capricious coastal weather brings.

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